Faith Statement

Faith Statements

We believe in the Lord God, Creator of all things visible and invisible, God manifested in three persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), in one God.

We believe that the Bible with all its 66 books is the very word of the living God and inspired by Him.

We believe in Jesus Christ who is perfectly God and perfectly Man, our Lord and Savior.

We believe in redemption work that Jesus has done by His blood, His death on the cross and by His resurrection for our salvation and by the grace of God through faith.

We believe that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will return very soon coming for His church which includes all Christians born of water and the Spirit (born again).

We believe in the person of the Holy Spirit, His sanctifying works, His miracles and spiritual gifts which are manifesting even today.

We believe that man is a sinner and separated from God and he can be saved only by faith in Jesus Christ.

We believe in five (5) biblical ministries (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher).

We believe in using of the oil of anointing.

We believe that the biblical baptism is made by the total immersion.

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ calls His disciples to break the bread and drink the cup of the Lord’s Supper in His remembrance and remembrance of His sacrifice announcing thus His death till He comes.

We believe marriage is established by God and has to be honored and respected by all.

We believe in repentance.

We believe that the state authorities come from God for the sake of the society and its order. We believe we need to pray for them, honor and obey them in all complying with the Holy Scriptures.

We believe that God heals people and He continue to do it even today.

We believe in giving tithes and gifts.

We believe the Lord Jesus Christ will come back in the same way that He was taken up for the renewing of all things and the full manifestation of the salvation work.

We believe that all dead will be risen and will give account of their lives. Those who will be found righteous in Jesus Christ will go to the eternal life and the others to the eternal punishment.

We believe God promised the new heaven and new earth. He will live with His people: we expect it.

We believe that the life in Christ includes freeing from sin and liberty of conscience and requires a behavior similar to Jesus.

This freedom includes the Christian values inner and external: holiness, respect, right to express himself and to have his opinion.